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Horse Posts

Electric fence offers an economical, attractive and long-lasting fencing solution for horses. With their flexibility, lack of sharp edges and horse-friendly materials, PasturePro posts can reduce the risk of injury to your horse in case of impact.

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Flexible. No Sharp Edges.

PasturePro posts are flexible, allowing the fence to give with pressure and bounce right back. This flexibility will help protect your horse and your fence in case of impact, and provides a safer alternative than t-posts for horses behind electric fences. PasturePro posts are also shatterproof and made with horse-friendly materials. Watch The Bale Test below to learn more.

Easy Installation. Friendly Materials.

PasturePro posts install easily and quickly. Made of polypropylene and reclaimed wood sawdust, the posts do not require gloves during handling or installation. Attach braided rope or coated wire with PasturePro rope clips.

Multiple Sizes. Multiple Colors.

PasturePro posts come standard in black and white. Custom colors are also available. Give us a call at 1-888-563-6771 to place your order.

Post Diameter Length MSRP
PP1.5x6 1.5" 72"

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From the Blog.

PasturePro posts can be combined with several wire options to create fences for your horses. It is important to choose your materials with care and install your fence properly to reduce the risk of injury to your horse. Learn more about these options on our blog:

The Bale Test.

The Bale Test shows how PasturePro posts yield to pressure without shattering.

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